Worksheet_change Event Excel Vba Doesnt Work

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    I am trying to use the Worksheet Change Event in Excel VBA, but it doesn’t seem to work. From what I gather, it is enough to just define the handling function “Worksheet_Change” as I have done here .

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    Re Worksheet change event doesn’t work properly If column contains a formula whose result is yes or no or anything else , it won’t trigger a change event formulas just don’t do that , and data validation has no meaning for a cell with a formula..

  • Excel Vba Entirecolumn Hidden Doesnt Work In Worksheet

    Using Excel I am editing an existing unprotected workbook and have created EntireColumn.Hidden and EntireRow.Hidden in commands in the Worksheet_Change event to fire when a Data Validation cell is changed, but they don’t work..

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    I have the following simple code for example reasons. For some reason, when the range “attn” is changed, the macro won’t operate. Here is the simple code I have Private Sub Worksheet_Change ByVal attn As Excel.Range Application.EnableEvents = False MsgBox “hello”.