Wardrobe Capsules

Good morning!

It’s a rainy Saturday morning currently (I think I actually just saw lightning in the distance boooo!) so I decided to take some time out of my weekend to do some things that I have been putting off for too long (Re: cleaning.)

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not a slob or anything…I just hate putting my clothes – and other random stuff – away. By the time I get done with work and come home from the gym, I’m usually rushing around to get some type of dinner thrown together. Then of course I need to shower, prepare lunch for the next day, and sit down to actually relax before it’s time to go to sleep and start the process all over again. (Wow, typing that out gave me anxiety haha…there’s never enough time in the day!)

I’m pretty sure everyone gets it: we’re busy. All of us. Every single day. Keeping my closet (let alone my whole apartment) neat and organized is pretty much a full time job. (Ladies; I know I’m not the only one who tries on 6 outfits every morning before leaving the house haha!)

So today, I take on the dreaded task of cleaning out my closet. Not only will I be going through all my clothes and weeding out the pieces that “don’t bring me joy” (Marie Kondo anyone?) but I’ll be packing away my winter and fall clothes for my summer apparel (no, I haven’t had a chance to do that yet haha!)

One thing I am going to try today is making a wardrobe capsule. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s basically narrowing your closet down to a few key pieces. (By few, I mean about 35 items.)

Here’s a great blog post by one of my favorite bloggers – Who What Wear: The Capsule Wardrobe: How to Reduce Your Closet to 37 Pieces …it does a great job explaining how it works, the benefits of a wardrobe capsule, how to narrow your own closet down AND how to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of buying new clothing items.

Over the years I’ve tried to keep a mantra of “one item in, one item out.” …that worked for a short time, but what happens when you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t want, and buy a bunch of items that you love? It’s hard.

So once I put my winter and falls clothes away, I’m going to narrow down my closet to around 40 pieces for summer. …I’ve decided that I won’t throw away any of the clothing pieces that don’t make the cut; I’ll simply store them in a box for the time being. If I don’t miss those items, I’ll sell them and/or donate them. I’ve sold a ton of my old clothes on PoshMark.com – I love it because you tend to get more value for your items than you would at say a local consignment store.

So, wish me luck. I have a hard time of letting go of things, so this is going to be challenging. (I’m not a hoarder or anything, I just always feel like one day I might need that specific dress or sweater and I get panicky thinking about not having it haha.

Do you do regular closet clean outs? Have you guys ever done a wardrobe capsule or anything similar? Comment below and tell me how it turned out!

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