Wedding Season Fashion Ideas

I’m currently in a phase of my life that 20-30 somethings are very familiar with: Wedding season.

You see, when you start hitting your mid to late 20s, everyone starts getting engaged to be married. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE weddings and seeing people I care about fall in love…but my wallet on the other hand…that’s a different story lol.

It’s so expensive being a wedding guest these days; and I’m not even talking about being a bridesmaid! (I’ve been a bridesmaid 5 times already, the most recent being last summer in my college roommate’s wedding. It was a wonderful time and the wedding was absolutely beautiful…but leading up the wedding and all the showers, parties, events, presents and the clothes…it added up. I’m talking like, $3000+ added up. THIS WASN’T EVEN MY WEDDING lol. …the dress alone was $350, but then I had to have it altered, which was another $80. …so over $400 for a dress I can only wear once. OYE!)

But anyways – back to wedding season and being a wedding guest. It’s still a pretty penny to be a wedding guest. I mean, think about it: Depending on how fancy the wedding is, how much travel you have to do, the wedding gift, hotel accommodations…it can all add up!

The worst part about being in the thick of wedding season with all my friends, is that each wedding we go to, we all need to wear something new. Wearing a repeat dress to a wedding where you will be seeing all the same people is a big no no haha. …So that means even more money, having to buy a new dress for every wedding.

What do you do when you have multiple wedding (or fancy occasions) and can’t be seen wearing the same dress? Here are my recommendations:

  • Black. Always black. …You can never have too many LBDs (Little Black Dresses.) No, seriously. You can’t. They are perfect for every occasion! Whether you’re attending a wedding, funeral, baptism, birthday party, gala, fancy date night…Black dresses are an ever lasting investment. My favorite trick is to invest in a high quality (RE: moderately expensive black dress) and to accessorize with cheaper shoes and jewelry, jackets, etc. I once had a wedding the week of Christmas and then had a huge New Years Eve party the next week – all with the same people. On New Years Eve, I ended up adding a sparkley blazer over the same black dress I wore to the wedding and no one noticed! It was all the same people at both events and I got compliments both nights as if they were two completely different outfits. It just goes to show you can never go wrong with a simple black dress!
  • My other favorite options for weddings and other fancy events, is renting a dress. Yes, you read that right. I rent clothes sometimes! It sounds crazy but it’s actually very sensible and is even a sustainable option to help the environment! I rent dresses for weddings and galas from the website Rent The Runway. It’s usually about $25-$50 per dress and they send you 2 sizes and it’s free shipping! They run specials all of the time (and you even get a free birthday dress rental!) so most of the time the dresses come out to be about $20 per rental. For a gown that costs thousands of dollars, I think it’s a great deal. The best part is, I don’t have to buy anything so for $20 something dollars, I can have a new dress for each event. I love it! (They even rent bags and accessories too!) I’ve done this for a few years and I recommend it to all of my friends!

What are some of your ideas for wedding season to save money? I’d love to hear? Comment below 🙂

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