Fall Fashion

And just like that, it’s fall!

As much as I love summer – the beach, the longest days filled with summer sunshine and BBQs galore, fall happens to be my favorite time of year. Nothing beats the crisp chill in the air, the sweet smell of the leaves falling, and beautiful foliage…it’s perfect. If you’ve never experienced an autumn in New England, I highly recommend you make the trip! It’s just incredible!

Up here in Maine, fall season starts a little earlier than most. We’re very North compared to most of the United States, so the weather tends to get a little cooler starting in August. (I can always tell when it’s coming…the nights get chilly and the sweaters start to come out…and the air gets this…smell. I can’t really describe it…but you just know autumn is on the way!) …so my sweaters and layers have already been out for a few weeks.

I love this time of year because you CAN layer items. (And jackets are a huge love of mine! I love that you can have a fabulous piece of outerwear on and then have an equality chic outfit underneath! It’s the best unveiling haha!)

I also love fall because of the colors. The muted earth tones flatter every skin tone and are so calming. One of my favorite bloggers, Steffy, does it so well. You can check out her Instagram account here. Isn’t it so cute??

Here are my recommendations of what to wear for this fall:

  • Overalls. They’re back, guys. And I couldn’t be more excited about this. There’s something so comfortable and child like about overalls. They’re easy to wear, you feel free in them…they can be dressed up or dressed down…I love them! Target has a great selection of overalls this season and they’re super affordable. Try these from Wild Fable. Or if you’re looking to spend a little more, Modcloth is always a sure bet for seasonable items. These Fall Potluck Corduroy Overalls are a dream!
  • Sweaters. Like, any sweater ever made. You can’t go wrong with a sweater. Whether it’s a homemade knit sweater, a lightweight cardigan or a seasonal tacky sweater vest, sweaters are always in style – and are practical! Some of my favorite sweaters I’ve actually found at my local thrift stores. (Nothing beats a good novelty print sweater.) But really, thrift stores and antique stores are a great place to look for seasonal finds at good prices. Do you go thrifting?
  • Boots. This one is a no brainer – boots and fall go hand in hand. Frye boots will always be a favorite brand of mine. They literally last forever. (My Mom even saved a couple pairs of hers from when she was in college…they fit me and I still wear them to this day. They have held up incredibly over the years!)

Boots can end up costing a lot of money (depending on the brand you buy) so I highly recommend checking out places like Etsy.com or Ebay.com. (I actually found my favorite pair of Frye boots from Etsy a couple of years ago! You can even find some good deals on there!) I also really love the brand Dr. Martens …they’re from the UK and are also a dependable brand that lasts forever. (I’ve had a pair from 1997 that I still wear!) …and of course, I wouldn’t be a woman from Maine if I didn’t plug LL Bean. I literally recommend everything from this company, so there’s no doubt their Bean Boots are fantastic!

What are some of your fall staples? Comment below!

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