A Cozy Thanksgiving Week!

Is there anything better than an over sized sweater and leggings? (The only acceptable answer to this is “no” haha!)

Winter is finally here in Maine, and as much as I love fall, I’m embracing the snow and cold with open arms – and a warm fire! There’s something so comforting about watching the chilly wind and the snow fall from a warm spot on the couch by a fire. Most restaurants up here in Maine have their fire places going non stop now. I went out to dinner last night with my girlfriends to a local wine bar; they had the fire blazing and it was so nice to drink some wine, have a cheese plate and catch up!

I’ve been cleaning out my closet and putting all of my summer clothes in the basement, and bringing out my winter wardrobe. (I hate doing this because I’m lazy and it takes so much time, but I love rediscovering my closet haha!) …This week I pulled out all of my staples for the holidays! It made me so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Do you love Thanksgiving? I feel like Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where you either love it or you hate it haha. I am on the team Thanksgiving side. Not only do I loveeeee food, but I love my family. It’s such a nice treat to be able to spend an entire day catching up and really getting some quality time in.

Now here’s my next question: Are you a comfy clothes Thanksgiving person, or do you and your loved ones get dressed up? I’m team get dressed up! I feel like, everyday I could wear comfy, lounge clothes. Thanksgiving comes once a year and I want to really celebrate and make it special.

My family is a little weird; we try and have a theme every Thanksgiving on what to wear. Last year it was “Festive Thanksgiving” clothes. AKA, we all wore Thanksgiving print sweaters and vests that we found on Etsy and Ebay. (People like to call them “ugly” sweaters, but I love them! They remind me of my childhood when every one would wear holiday print clothes in all seriousness.!) …I can remember going to SEARS with my Mom one year and she bought me a Peanuts print Christmas sweatshirt that I absolutely loved. I pretty much wore it ever day in December haha.

This year we’re having a traditional holiday themed Thanksgiving: Think, plaid pants and jackets and fair isle print sweaters. Here are a couple things I picked up off my favorite website, ASOS:

I’m going for the traditional plaid look. (Think 50’s housewife cooking a Thanksgiving meal haha) …I always wear dresses so I’m pretty excited to wear some pants as a change up! I want to find a cute pair of holiday flats if I can!

What are you guys wearing for Thanksgiving? Do you take a family holiday photo every year? (We always do!)

I can’t wait to eat my weight in potatoes and other carbs haha!

Happy Holidays!!

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