Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who still jumps up and starts dancing as soon as *Nsync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” song comes on? (Lance was always my favorite haha!) …there’s something so infectious about holiday music – it truly puts me in the Christmas spirit!

….and I am definitely in the Christmas spirit!

The tree is up, the house smells like cookies and I’m currently curled up by the fire with a big cup of hot chocolate, marathoning the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies right now. Best Day Ever! All that’s missing is some pretty white flakes to start falling! **waits***

My family and I always get our Christmas tree from the same farm every year. It’s been a tradition ever since I was little. There’s nothing like going out to the farm on a chilly winter day, and finding the perfect tree with your family. We make a whole day out of it: brunch at our favorite diner and then off to the farm. After we pick out the tree, we come home and start decorating it while listening to Christmas records and drinking egg nog. It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. Do you have any traditions like this with your and your family?

Ever since I was little, holidays have always been ‘big’ with my family. (…as if you didn’t already know just by reading my blog so far haha!) We’re all so close and we love the memories we’ve made over the years. One of my favorite things to do is our annual “Christmas Shopping Family Fun Day!” – we’ve done it every year since I could basically walk, and it’s so much fun. Not only does the family spend the day Christmas shopping, but we take our annual family Christmas photo with Santa! (Yes, we still do that haha!) We get up early – to beat the crowds and all – and start tackling our Christmas lists. We usually split off throughout the day, so we can get presents for everyone without the others knowing. Then, we all meet up again for lunch. We eat, drink and laugh, before our picture with the man in red! We have a whole collection of our family photos with Santa from the last 25 years or so – it’s so much fun to look back on all of them. (Of course there were a couple where I was crying haha!)

One of the most fun parts of the pictures is our outfits. Usually on Thanksgiving night, after we’ve all been stuffed to the brim with food, we start shopping online for our family photo outfit – yes, we match. (Last year we all got matching pajamas – when did that become so popular?? – and wore them for the photo.!) …you should have seen the looks we were getting from other mall shoppers haha!

This year, we’re wearing vintage Christmas sweater vests – we managed to find 7 different Christmas sweater vests at the thrift store this summer and thought it was perfect! We got matching turtle necks to go under them and it looks so ridiculously awesome haha. You should see my Dad – the biggest size is still wayyyy too small for him! I think this is going to be one of my favorite Christmas photos yet!!

Ah, I love the holidays. I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic holiday season with your family and loved ones. Keep those holiday traditions alive and make those special memories! It’s so important 🙂

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