New Year; Same Me

2020. Wow. Can you even believe it??

I’m still recovering from the New Years Eve party I went to last night (oops haha!) but I needed to write a blog to commemorate this important moment in time.

I was actually super excited for this post because while I was doing some closet cleaning the other week (something I need to do more often in 2020!) I had found a box of some of my old things from when I was in high school. …low and behold, what did I find? MY MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL DIARIES. Hold the press – this stuff is good haha.

I guess it’s no surprise that I wanted to start a blog. Looking back on my diaries I was pretty adamant on documenting my life, even at a young age…and even before the internet and social media was a thing. (I’m not even sure the word ‘blog’ had been created at that point in time lol!) …reading through my diaries, I was still very much into fashion. I documented every outfit I wore that I felt really good about. One of my favorite lines: “Went to the mall with Corrine and Mom today. Mom let me get 2 shirts at Aeropostale and I’m so excited to wear one to the dance next week. It’s going to look so good with my new Pink (((I think I mean Victoria Secret’s Pink lol))) bag.” ….wow. I was really a trend setter back in my youth haha! …If you’re curious what I wore to the New Years Eve party last night, you can bet your bottom dollar it was sequined and full of sparkles. I never pass up the opportunity to wear something fun 😉

Anyway, the reason I was really excited about writing this blog post is because I found in my diary the New Years Day entry I wrote on… drumrolll please … January 1st, 2000. The first day of the new millennium. Twenty years ago. TWENTY. How am I even this old haha? …But do you want to know what I said?: “New Years Day 2000. I’m going to forget and start writing the date as 19 for a really long time in school I know. I’ve been doing it for so long. The computer still works. I tried to log on to AOL and even though it was busy and took a couple of times to connect, I still got on. Dad was real worried the internet was going to break or something just because we changed to 20. He’s so weird sometimes haha!” …musings from a very intellectual teenager, obviously.

SO. Here is my New Years Day post, twenty years late.

January 1st, 2020:

I’m hungover. I still have last night’s make up on. I have fake eyelashes stuck to my pillow and my bed is covered in glitter. (Great, now I have to do laundry today.) I’m supposed to be meeting a bunch of friends for brunch, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get myself out of the house. Sitting at my laptop and typing this is way too much energy and thinking for me right now. BUT…there are bottomless mimosas and I’m sure that will help. Plus, bread. And cheese. Cheesy bread. My New Years resolutions for 2020 are pretty simple: Stop wasting money on disposable clothing. Get my website and blog and social media to the point where I become an ambassador for companies. (free stuff is good!) Mayybeee stop drinking so much. Or at least cut it down to one night a week. And, I would love to buy a house…sooo saving money is high up there too.

What is everyone else’s New Years resolutions? Comment below!

I’m off to wash 2019 off of my body and ring in the new year so fresh and so clean, clean. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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