February Blues (and Pinks)

This is the time of year where I start to get depressed. (No I’m not one of those ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ people…I actually LOVE Valentine’s Day!) …I get sad and bummed out because the weather up in Maine starts to really GET to you.

I mean, it’s snowing. Again. It snowed yesterday. And the day before that. And it rained/iced the day before that. Lovely, right haha?

I can’t complain – I love where I live and I couldn’t imagine settling down anywhere else. But anyone who lives in the New England area will tell you this: The time that falls between Valentine’s Day and Easter is the longest, dreariest time of the year. It just drags! There’s no big holidays to look forward to (Unless you’re like, reallyyyyy into Saint Patrick’s Day lol) …and it’s cold. And snowy. And wet. You’re tired of wearing boats and coats and just want it to be sunny and warm and nice out!

I do have to say, I think we’ve made it through the worst of winter – daylight savings happens on Sunday March 8th which is not too far away. I’ve actually noticed when I get up in the morning and it’s getting lighter out earlier and when I come home, I can still see!! I don’t feel like I’m living in the dark all of the time haha! (That’s another thing about winter – daylight is scarce and when you work a 9-5, you don’t ever get to enjoy daylight…unless you’re lucky enough to have an office window view!) …So there is hope yet!

ANDDDD…Next week is Valentine’s Day!

As you already know, I love holidays. (I actually just love a good theme in general haha!) …But Valentine’s Day incorporates some of my favorite things: Pink. Purple. Red. Glitter. Champagne. Chocolates. Flowers. And love. …It’s pretty much a day meant for me haha!

I remember as a kid, I would get SO EXCITED for the Valentine’s Day party we always had in our class. I would spend WEEKS making my Valentine’s! (That’s right! No store bought stuff for me!) I hand made every single card I gave out. It usually consisted of a doily with red construction paper cut out hearts. If you were lucky, you got the deluxe edition that was covered in glitter that got everywhere and a pipe cleaners that stabbed you when you weren’t looking. I was such an artist!

As usual, not much has changed; I still make my family, friends and loved ones homemade cards. Since I’m more mature and my taste has become more refined, I’ve opted to leave the pipe cleaners off of these. But don’t worry; the glitter is still there. And still a total mess.

I’m actually about to do some Valentine’s Day baking today. I always make cut out sugar cookies with my Mom! It’s a tradition I never want to end.

We use this recipe and I promise: It truly is the best sugar cookie recipe you will ever use: Sally’s Baking Addiction: The Best Sugar Cookies

The owner of that blog originally posted that recipe bake in 2014 and updates it every year with tips and tricks. They’re the perfect cut out! I highly recommend!

(And you can bet I already have my outfit picked out. It’s a red tulle skirt with a pink sequin top, duh.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and I hope you are all beating the winter blues with the Valentine’s pinks! 😉

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