Welp, things go real weird since my last blog post.

I’ve been a little quiet on social media lately because I’m not sure what to say or even how to feel. Everything also happened so fast that I’m not even sure I remember when everything started? I guess it was right around St. Patrick’s Day when things took a turn. I was planning on going out for Saint Patrick’s Day with all my friends but after watching the news and reading everything on twitter, I decided to stay in. (My parents also made a huge plea to all of us girls to stay inside/don’t hang out with big groups of people.) …It was that day or shortly after, my office decided to shut down entirely. We were all ordered to work from home – which is where I’ve been ever since. That was two…three weeks ago??

It’s been surreal for sure.

So far, my days have consisted of waking up, making coffee and making an actual breakfast; not just a bagel I used to grab at the coffee shop…but like, egg omelets and oatmeal and protein pancakes and smoothies and all the good stuff! Then I sit down and catch up on the news that happened over night. I finally sit down and get to work around 10am…I feel so fortunate to be able to work from home, but I’m going to be honest; my productivity is not nearly as good as when I’m in the office. I’m distracted by every little thing. …Come noon time, I make some lunch and watch the daily press conferences that have been happening. They never seem to make me feel better or reassured, but it’s important to stay on top of the news.

I get back to work and take little snack breaks throughout the day. (I’m absolutely going to gain 20lbs once all of this is over.) Once work is done (which I feel like it never is when you’re working from home – it’s so hard not to constantly check your email when your computer is sitting right there!) I try and get outside for a walk or run. It’s been harder lately because everyone has the same idea and the streets are starting to get a little crowded. It makes me nervous because the news says we should stay at least 6 feet apart from each other because the virus can be spread through the air. (This is terrifying.)

My outfits, if I get dressed, have consisted of nothing but over-sized sweatshirts and leggings or sweatpants. It’s so hard to feel motivated to get dressed when you’re not leaving the house. Sure, we have video conference calls with the team from the office, but everyone else is dressed the same – usually in whatever they went to sleep in from the night before haha. (And don’t even get me started on my hair….I’m starting to form a dread lock because it’s been so long since I washed it or brushed it lol.)

Bottom line: life is really scary right now. And uncertain. I haven’t seen my family in weeks and I miss them something fierce. The only outside contact I have is if I need to go to the grocery store, which I’m trying to avoid as much as possible. I have video calls with my friends and family and that’s basically what’s getting me through this. (And wine. Lots of wine.)

I hope this all comes to an end soon, but the news is making it sound like the worst still hasn’t even begun. Ugh. I hope everyone out there stays safe, and stays home.

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