Memorial Day Red, White and Blues

Welp, we made it through another month of staying at home. I fear that I’m getting too used to this social distancing stuff and will be turning into a hermit if I’m not careful. For instance, I realized when I did laundry the other day, I’ve been cycling through the same 4 pairs of leggings, sweatshirts and pajamas haha. I don’t think I’ve put makeup on since March (do I even remember how to at this point?) …and I’ve rediscovered my natural hair color for the first time since I’ve been about 11 years old. Au Natural baby!

But, I feel like things are starting to get better. If you’ve been following along with the news updates (how can you not, unless you live under a rock) you’ve seen that some states are starting to open things up again. It’s nice to think that life can start resuming back to ‘normal’ again…whatever that means. I highly doubt things will ever be like they used to be, until we get a vaccine and cure for this horrible disease. But until then, I plan on taking precautions and staying as safe as I can, while enjoying life as much as I can. I need human interaction and a sense of normalcy!

Our state has allowed small gatherings up to 10 people so I’ve been social distancing in yard at my parent’s house. Boy, is it a nice feeling to see them and my sisters again. We’ve had outdoor picnics where everyone has their own food and drinks and we all sit 6 feet apart. We eat, we drink, we laugh…and for a very short moment in time, we forget everything terrible that is happening in the world. It is nice to get lost in the moment and forget the scary times we’re living in.

Another good thing that has happened is they’ve eased the restrictions on the beaches and state parks. I’ve been going to our local trails and beaches to get out and get some fresh air. With the warmer temperatures happening, it’s been so amazing to walk for a few hours and feel the sun on my face. (Isn’t it crazy how these little things seem like the most amazing moments to us now? I vow to never take anything for granted again once this pandemic is over!)

Memorial Day is coming up, and that’s always been the unofficial start of summer for my family and I – and pretty much everyone I think ha. It’s going to be weird not having a huge party this year. We normally have a BBQ that starts at 10am in the morning and goes until the last man standing. We spend the whole day playing lawn games, swimming, BBQing, drinking, and just having the best time. So many people stop by throughout the day…it’s so much fun and we’ve done it ever since my sisters and I were kids. I’m really sad that this year will be different, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It will just be my parents and sisters this year and I love them so much so I can’t complain. (My dad even drove all over Maine looking for sparklers for us…we have to do them every year, and he didn’t want to disappoint us. How cute is he?!)

I’m trying to make the best of things, and I AM happy I finally get to spend time with my family. How are all of you doing? Has this whole ‘stay at home’ thing taken a toll on your mental health? Are you ready to go back to work and start socializing again? Or have you enjoyed this quiet time and used it as a time to reconnect with the simple things in life? Comment below!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thank you to all who have served this country!

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