Summer Daze and Nights

I guess June 20th is officially the first day of Summer. (Although we all know Memorial Day weekend is when every normal person kicks off summer with hotdogs and beer haha!)

With summer now upon us, I thought life would start to feel normal again; or even maybe start to BE normal again. But sadly, that is not the case. Life around here in Maine was just starting to open up again because cases were going down…but if you watch the news, you know that’s not how it is for every state in the US. Sadly, states that didn’t experience many virus outbreaks in March or April, are now getting hit hard. (Probably because they didn’t shut down like most other states did.) It’s sad to say, but I feel like if all the states don’t come together and collectively stay on the same page, we’re going to be fighting this virus forever. I watch the news and people in Florida aren’t social distancing or wearing masks or even pretending like there’s a global pandemic happening. Meanwhile, I wear a mask to walk to my mailbox and have just started to see my family (at a distance) for the first time in 3 months.. It’s so crazy!

Now that things have slowly started opening, I actually left the house last week and attempted my first social outing since March. I will admit, it was weird and I don’t think I felt fully comfortable so I’m not sure I will do it again but DAMN: It felt good to do my hair and put on make up and wear something other than sweatpants! Perhaps the fancy dress I was wearing was a little too formal for drinks on a patio bar, but STILL. It was nice to be out, even if only for an hour or two. We had to wear mask until we were seated and then we could take them off (which kind of seems pointless but whatever) …I made the novice mistake of wearing lipstick so when I put the mask on, it smeared all over my face and I looked like Ronald McDonald for a hot second haha. Note to self: No more lipstick until COVID is over!

Speaking of masks: our latest new fashion accessory! Where is everyone buying cute ones? I found a few I like on but sadly they are not very practical. I’ve washed them by hand a few times but I really want something I can throw in the washer and dryer and not be afraid it will fall apart. If you have any recommendations for cute masks, or know someone who can make custom ones, please let me know! Leave a comment below!

Now that it’s summer and we’re allowed to have small gatherings, I think I’m going to invest in some patio furniture for the back porch. I have a bench but that doesn’t make sense for social distancing. I think I’m going to get a long rectangular table and 4 chairs so I can have a couple of friends over and we can sit socially distanced. I mean, it’s summer and it’s nice out and I’m getting tired of drinking all this rosé by myself haha.

What is everyone doing to beat the COVID blues? Are you feeling comfortable enough to leave the house and go out (if your state allows it?) I don’t think I’ll be going out for food or drinks for a little while, but I’m definitely interested in having people over outside. Anything to feel normal again, right?

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