Beach Days are the Best Days

Guys. It’s finally starting to feel like summer. I’m sure for most people it’s felt like summer since like, May, but I’ve been so BLAH lately. …but for the first time in a very long time, the days have been filled with sun and fun and I think that’s what I’ve been missing all along!

I’ve been going to the beach more and more. (It’s been a HOT summer, that’s for sure.) …and what better place to be, than laying on the beach with a cool breeze and a cold (like, 67 degree ha) ocean just steps away? I was nervous at first to go out in public too much. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve really only gone out to spend time with my family at their house. I had gone out to a restaurant with friends once this summer, but I felt really uncomfortable. So since then, it’s been backyard BBQs and deck hangouts all summer. …but I started going to the beach and it’s been totally fine. In fact, the beaches are the most empty I’ve ever seen them! If you’ve ever been to Maine, you know that summer is our season. Tourists galore. …But with everything that’s going on with COVID (we have a 14 day quarantine in order for certain out of state residence) I think it’s really deterred visitors from coming on vacation here. Part of me is sad about this – Maine relies heavily on the tourism money to survive, and I know a lot of small businesses, restaurants and shops most likely won’t be making it through this season. But the other part of me is kind of happy to be able to enjoy my home state in the summer without going mad. Traffic is hardly an issue and the beaches are empty.

So, that’s where I’ve been. A lot. And I think it’s done wonders for my mental health. Being able to get up and go for a walk or run on the beach has started my day off on the right foot. Then being able to meet up with friends or family for a day of sun and sand has been great. One of my girlfriends had a birthday last week and we even had a little social distanced party on the beach – complete with champagne and cheese plates! It was so fun!

I needed days like this. Life feels almost normal again and it finally feels like summer to me. I’m happy 🙂

I’ve even started to get dressed more and more. (I was starting to think I’d never wear anything again other than leggings and sweatpants LOL!) But I forgot how good it feels to do my hair and put on a pretty summer dress. (I’ve stopped bothering with makeup – when you’re wearing a mask, no one can see your face anyways. …And if you read my post about going out for dinner and drinks, I made the mistake of wearing lipstick with my mask and ended up looking like a big clown haha!)

How are you guys doing? Has life gotten back to “normal” for you? Are you enjoying your summer, despite everything that’s going on? What are some things you do for your mental health to keep you sane during these times? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

Okay – time for me to get ready for another beautiful beach day. The sun is shining and it’s going to be a hot one! Have a good day everyone 🙂

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